Walter-James Callagar


33, Male, 6’ 1”, 200lbs, muscular, blonde, blue eyes




Able to draw out electricity and store it in his body, with the ability to release it at will


Bloodbath, Shockwave

The Lightening AKA Walter-James Callagar was a Level 4 Aug and former Mask for San Maria. He is one of the most celebrated heroes in the city.

He was killed in the line of duty.


Before C-Day, Walter was depressed and suicidal, having been fired from the police force for botching an investigation into the Bertelli Crime Syndicate.

When he was affected by Promethean radiation, he became The Lightening, one of San Maria’s first heroes. He quickly became a local icon, and an example of the good that Augs can do for society.

He became a kind of mentor to Shockwave when she emerged. The two were close friends and had beenvirtually inseperable.

He was the first on the scence when Bloodbath began his infamous three-day rampage, and stuck with it the entire way. In the end, he released such a powerful blast of electricity, it disrupted Bloodbath's forcefield long enough to allow Shockwave to hit him a pulse of sound that fractured his skull and knocked him unconscious. The strain of such a discharge, however, stopped Lightening's heart.

He’s buried at San Maria’s Central Cemetary with full police honors.


The Lightening remains one of the classic examples of heroism in Mask culture.

There is a golden obelisk dedicated to him in the park where Bloodbath was finally defeated. One the anniversery of his death, some still place flowers at the foot of it.

Shockwave still carries on the good fight, dedicated to continuing the example he began for Augs everywhere.