Pantheon Technologies is a billion-dollar, multinational electronics firm that primarily deals with using Promethean Technology in medical, law enforcement, home use, and many more fields.

Pantheon was founded by Maxwell Krest in 2004 as a inexpensive thrid party source for hardware and software.

They were large before C-Day, but after being able to reverse engineer the alien technology the corporation skyrocketed. They're only real competitor now is Ides Enterprises.


At first, Pantheon struggled to compete with the already-established giants. But Krest's designs proved themselves in the end, and Pantheon quickly rose to prominance in the technology world. Other companies attempted to buy the company off of Krest, but he wouldn't bite. Krest believed that technology was the key to humanity's future and Pantheon would guide them there.

After Prometheus touched down, Pantheon relentlessly petitioned to be one of the few in the private sector to get its hands on the new technology. After month of tireless bidding, Pantheon was one of the ones who won out.

With their new advanced tech, Pantheon became even more massive. It now dwarfs the companys who once tried to absorb it. They've left an indelible mark on society. There are very few households without a piece of Pantheon technology in it.


When Augs began to appear in San Maria, Maxwell was one of the first to act. With his personal money and that from Pantheon, they created the SCU to deal with those the police could not.

The company outfitted the agents with state-of-the-art technology and gear. They also facilitated the integration into the SMPD.

The SCU has since become world famous, and an example of human's proficiency dealing with criminal Augs.


Pantheon has been a beacon of humanitarianism. They've worked to allievate the homelessness in San Maria, as well as fund outreach programs to the poorer parts of the city. They also have a Connection For All program that gives inexpensive computers to schools and those less fortunate.


Some criticize the way Pantheon seems to be able to move without any scrutiny. The police seem to work with them too well, with the cops seemingly answering to Pantheon in some cases.

Others say that Pantheon's technology is watered down and meant to break after short periods of time. The tech that really works is sold at an overmarked price.

Pantheon has also been accused of less-than-ethical practices when it comes to corporate espionage. Ides has boosted security all around to deal with Pantheon's underhanded methods.