Felland "Spike" Murphy was a powerful arms dealer in the Silver City underground for some years. He gained the nickname 'Spike' because of his penchant for sticking the heads of his enemies on various spikes. Sometimes he'd impale entire bodies if the example was needed.

He used to run with Conner McMannus when they both were younger, but he was backstabbed by Conner over Spike's then girlfriend Elissa, resulting in his first prison stay. She would later become Conner's wife. After prison, Felland began dealing guns to Silver City's sizable criminal element, including the McMannus Crime Family and the Blood Kings both.

Spike loathed Conner McMannus and the life he had. He began a war on them, ending with the crippling of his eldest son, Liam, and the murder of his wife Elissa.

Conner led a small army of his men into Felland's warehouse/fortress and murdered everyone there. Spike was killed by Connor with a gunshot to the head, but not before Spike was able to stab him in the gut with an iron spike.